The Future of CropImage.NET

CropImage.NET is a compatible rewrite of the Web Crop Image Control (WebCropImage) by Cem Sisman. It will be maintained and supported to a much better standard than the original.

CropImage.NET will stay focused on providing a solid cropping UI for ASP.NET WebForms, and being a good wrapper for JCrop & JCrop Preview (which are available separately through the StudioJS project).

Features such as built-in uploading, image resizing, rotation, filtering, adjustment, etc. don’t belong in CropImage.NET. They will go in the upcoming ImageStudio2 project, which is a wrapper for the entire StudioJS suite.

If you don’t want to wait around for the control (or if you prefer to manage your own javascript), take a look at the StudioJS suite.

The programmatic image processing methods of WebCropImage have been replaced by the ImageResizing.Net library, which offers much superior capabilities and doesn’t leak memory.

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