Let users crop. CropImage.NET is a drop in replacement for the old ASP.NET WebCropImage control. No more memory leaks, much better Javascript, and a consistent API that is 95% compatible with WebCropImage (We broke compatibility on a number of features by actually implementing them).

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Designed for .NET 2 through .NET 4, rest assured it will work with your project.

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Don't want the wrapper?

If you want more or less than CropImage.NET, StudioJS is what you need. It's a collection of jQuery plugins that can provide anything from CropImage.NET to a full-fledged image studio.

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Don't need a UI?

The compact ImageResizing.NET library is the safe way to crop, resize, and process your images. It's designed for server-side use and has a simple API. It's what CropImage.NET uses.

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